Skull Shaving Brush

Hi everyone !
I'm sick and in bed the whole day, so I decided to search trough sites, and I found this amazing item/gift !
Perfectly designed Skull Shaving Brush, so cool and practical...
Click on the link below and check it out:

The brush is made from finest badger, synthetic ivory and comes in wooden box...
Perfect idea for gift or surprise to your men !
The other day, I was having a discussion with Danijel about men and shaving, and his
best way to shave is with foam, so since he needs a new brush, this one is perfect for it !
So hurry up and order one for you... they ship worldwide.



  1. Baš je fora i jako mi se sviđa pakiranje.

  2. ako se misliš ozbiljnije baviti blogom,prestani pisati ove jadne sponzorirane postove. kako ti nije jasno da si jako narušavaš ugled sa ovim i dođe mi da više nikad ne otvorim tvoj blog.


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