How To Find That Perfect Pair of Jeans + Incorporate Them Into Your Wardrobe!

( U današnje vrijeme najteže je naći savršen par traperica koje pristaju savršeno na vašu figuru !
Vjerujem da su mnoge od vas potrošile i vrijeme i novce na razne modele,  i na kraju u ormaru imaju bezbroj modela, a nose samo jedne !
Zato sam odlučila s vama podjeliti ovaj članak kako naći savršen par traperica i ukomponirati ih u svoju garderobu ! )

Jeans are a necessary part of every person’s wardrobe, and they generally just make life so much easier. Sometimes jeans may be seen as a staple for someone who doesn’t care about style, but that just isn’t true! With the many styles shapes and even colors of jeans out there, jeans are actually very stylish and there are an endless amount of ways you can pair them with outfits to achieve any fabulous look! 

                Not only are jeans stylish, but they sure do a good job in making women of all shapes and sizes feel good about their selves! Every woman is on the hunt to find that perfect pair of jeans that flatters their size and figure, and once they’ve found that, they feel invincible and ready to flaunt their fierce figure!  But what some women may not realize is that while the style and design of a pair of jeans is important, but also the stitching and all of the little things that go into making a quality pair of jeans, and Angels Jeans is one brand that proves that quality is key when making that perfect pair of jeans for every woman!

                If you have a more slender figure, then the styles you should be looking at when searching for that perfect pair of jeans should be styles like bootcut or skinny jeans. These jeans are always in style so you can honestly never go wrong with them, but if you’re looking to be a little more with this year’s current trends and styles, then I would definitely consider trying a pair of bell bottom jeans for a cute boho look, or even go for a retro style with a high-waisted pair of pants rather than the typical low waist or hip hugger styles.

                Flare and bell bottom styled jeans also work just as well for full figured women as slender women, but a good bit of advice to keep in mind for curvy women would be to try to avoid any type of jeans which have many pockets and or very bold and contasting designs as they may tend to make you look wider than you are rather than showcasing and emphasizing your best features.

                Once you find that perfect pair of jeans, styling them perfectly is the next step to putting together trendy looks! Styling a pair of jeans is simple, because they match every kind of top. The real key to styling them perfectly though is all in what outerwear and accessories you choose! You can choose to pair them with a band tee, a leather jacket, an oversized fedora and your fave boots for a rocker look, or maybe a cute sweater, scarf and some knee socks with riding boots for a cozy fall and winter look. The possibilities are endless, and it all really just depends on what style or look you’re going for when styling your jeans! 


  1. Već godinama tražim boyfriend jeans, bezuspješno. Jedino traperice koje mi zbilja stoje mrak su Salsa, i taj se dućkas zatvorio...Koliko je teško naći prave traperice, to je zaista znanost! Ilina

  2. Great guide, I live in jeans xD
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  3. Odličan post i divan blog! Pratim te! :)


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