Dresslily Shoes

I am already getting ready for spring :)
As you can see in the first photo, I choose 4 amazing shoes from the site DressLily
and I love them !

So please, read this article and see why those are my favorite ones :)

First pair is black chunky sandals. I have similar ones and I love them,
so stylish, comfy and they give me some height.

Second pair is classic white sneakers. I love the trend with mixing sporty and elegant.
You can wear them with boyfriend jeans and also with suit. You will look so
chic and everyone will notice you for sure !

Third pair is simple black open sandals. Every girl should have one in their closet.
You can wear them on the night out or in any special occasion !

And last pair are those interesting black sandals.
I love the detailing on them and the heel size.
If you like rocker chic style, you have to have these beauties :)

So, let me know what is your favorite pair?
And make sure to stop by the site and find something for you :)




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