Cool Backpacks For Women

Hi guys !

I don't know about you but I am crazy about backpacks for women !
It all strted when I had to carry my laptop with my all the time. I refused to buy handbag for it,
so I went for backpack ! And it changed my life !
So easy, stylish and practical... and I can fit everything in it :)

I mada a little collage for you to see some of my best picks from the site OMGNB.COM

They have a huge selection of cool backpacks for women and here are some examples :)

My favorite one from all 4 of those is the with backpack with golden polka dots
on the first photo :) So giry and cute, and you can wear it with everything :)
If you wan tone for yourself, see it here:

And my second pick is this cool black and white backpack in the second row !
So sporty and cool, and you can share it with your boyfriend also :)
Perfect bag for going on trips or for gym.
See this backpac here:

Let me know which one is your favorite 
and so you wear backpacks ?




  1. the first black one is my favorite


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