Love this blog !

New year and new resolutions !
I decided I want to share with you guys, every time I find one new and cool blog.
That way, you will have more inspiration and blogs to read,
and I also want to encourage young and new bloggers to do what they are passionate about !

Today I want you to introduce Dekiah, 14 year old girl who started her beauty blog,
with a lot of passion and love, and you can see that,
just by reading her posts... especially the Lush ones, they are my favorite.

So please make sure to visit her blog:

and support her in what she is doing, she sure did set a good path for a great blog !
Also, check out Dekiah social networks on her blog.

Go girl, and I wish you all the best !



  1. Thank you so much! This really does mean a lot :-) xx Happy New Year!


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