Hi guys !
Today we are going to talk about hair :)
You all now that I'm a huge fan of wigs and hair extensions.. I like to change my hair very often,
and wigs make it easier... so I recently came across this great page called
which offers huge amount and variety of hair extensions and wigs !
You can choose from human hair wigs, lace wigs, celebrity wigs and also hair extension, clip in or micro loop ...
Very important thing when buying your new do, is to guess real color.. so I like this page, cause photos are great, and you can choose from so many different styles and colors !

One of the categories on the site are those custom wigs !
They are high quality, and each one of them will give you that sexy spice every women need !
Each product in description has color and size chart, so you can choose which ever suits you the best ...
The fibers are made from raw material Kanekalon, and they can last over 1 year, 
with proper care of course ! And you can also go in the water with them :)

Next category are my favorite hair extensions !
I choose those clip in ones, cause I like them the best.. they don't damage your real hair, and they can
remove easily whenever you like.
Extensions are made from 100% remy hair, and they can be washed and styled also.

If you are looking for little glamour those ones are the right choice for you.. just pick your color
and blend them with your natural hair :)

On the site they have a huge Christmas sale 2014, where you can save up to 90% :)
Christmas sale on human hair extensions and Christmas sale wigs !

Did you already pick your favorite piece ?
Would you wear wig or extensions?