WEEFEI- Hot new brand

Hi guys !
I just wanted to introduce to you new hot brand on the market... it is called Weefei, and you
can check out more about it here:

This brand was born an it is owned by Opelom LLC, great entertainment company!
In the middle of the story is cute character and he is described with those words:

''Weefei is a fun-loving and charming little fellow that will do anything to brighten up the day. He might be tiny and sweet, but he certainly is also clever and tough! He loves to explore and get into exciting adventures, even though it might mean trouble sometimes! But one things for sure, he never leaves home without his favorite bow tie!''

If you wanna found out more about this new trend you can visit their website,
and also Facebook and instagram account !

You can also see more of those beautiful and also cute designs on the following page:

On their webshop ypu can find those illustrations on t-shits, baby clothes,
even on phone cases, and accessories :) 
Did you already picked your favorite design... if you didn't hurry up !

I'm in love, how about you?