How To Work Out While Looking Insanely Stylish In The Gym

Find out how to look stylish while working out by wearing cool tops and funny gym t-shirts.

You wake up at the break of dawn to get yourself down to the local gym.
You've decided to take the healthy route and strive to look good and feel good about yourself.
You can almost see it: a better, fitter, more confident you looking good in all the clothes you've ever wanted to wear.
But right now, you may feel a little sleepy and tired and not at all as attractive as you'd like.
If you think you can't look stylish when you're at the gym, think again. 

Fortunately, because you're there primarily to work out, you don't have to exert great effort in looking good.
Just a few good tricks – such as wearing funny gym t-shirts - will help you look fresh and fabulous as you run down that treadmill or lift those weights.
Indeed, cute gym attire will help you go places.
If you get excited dressing up for something, why not dress up nicely to go to the gym?
Here are some ideas.
• Wear funny gym t-shirts, such as an Eat Clean Train Dirty shirt, that fit you perfectly and show off your assets. If you want to look thinner, black is the go-to color of choice. Also opt for styles that lengthen your midsection, and will go perfectly with...
• Black leggings. In keeping up with the theme of looking thinner, opt for a black pair that lengthens your legs. Make sure it's made of a good material that won't tear as you stretch and bend.
• Finish off your basic gym t-shirt and leggings look with cute sneakers. You can wear black sneakers, but you can also add a punch of color with brightly-colored kick - go crazy with the patterns and designs.
• Stash all your things in a cute gym bag. That bag also serves to accesorize your entire look.

Now that you've got your attire covered, it's time to prep your face and hair.
Remember, the simpler the better -- you aren't going to some fancy party.
• Wear a light moisturizer, a dab of lip tint, and mascara to open up your eyes. Skip the heavy creams and tinted blush: after an hour of cardio, you'll naturally glow anyway, the best kind of blush there is. Just make sure you look clean and fresh, not makeup smudged and runny.
• Wear your hair in a ponytail or braids. Skip the updos and fancy hair styles, for now you want it functional.
• Wear brightly colored headbands to keep sweat away and for a dash of color.
Now that you've got the stylish part done, it's time to hit the gym and look good in your own skin.


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