8wake Polarized Sunglasses

Are you curious about the benefits and functionality of polarized sunglasses? Maybe you want to know how they work or why people prefer them, or maybe you're just looking for more information to gain a more informed buying perspective. This quick guide will provide answers to all the most common questions.

Q: What makes polarized lenses so special?

Polarized sunglasses block horizontally polarized light. This means that it cuts a large percentage of ambient light, along with glare from horizontal surfaces and many sources of glare. People prefer polarized filters because they can cut the same amount of light intensity as dark tinted glasses, but without the dark tint: a huge boon for people who prefer the color accuracy provided by lighter tints.

These filters may be special but that doesn't mean they're difficult to find. You can buy polarized shades for men and women at nearly any eyewear boutique, but the polarization process is so inexpensive that you can find them at pharmacies and department stores as well.

Q: How can I tell if my lenses are polarized?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether a certain pair of sunglasses actually has functioning polarization filters. Knockoff brands can have misleading marketing. You can check the polarization with simply by looking at a reflective surface using the sunglasses in question. The glare will disappear if the sunglasses are polarized.

Another way to check is to wear a pair of sunglasses you already know are polarized, and use them to look at the sunglasses in question: turn the second pair of sunglasses sideways. If the lenses of the second pair turn completely opaque, you can be sure they're polarized.

Q: How can I tell the difference between high and low quality lenses?

If you spend good money on your sunglasses, it's only natural to want the best quality for your dollar. The actual layer that makes a pair of sunglasses polarized will remain the same no matter how high or low quality the sunglasses – cheaper pairs perform just as well as designer options, at least where the actual level of polarization is concerned.

On the other hand, scratched lenses just won't perform as well: avoid sunglasses with film coatings (like cheap tint or anti-reflective coatings), and look for integrated filters instead. Lens construction really does matter even if the polarization levels remain the same.

Q: Can I wear polarized lenses while driving?

Polarized lenses can be great for driving but they're not appropriate for everyone. Polarized lenses allow drivers to utilize lighter tints while maintaining the same level of protection, and lighter tints help to preserve color accuracy better than darker tints.

The problem is that polarized filters can interfere with certain digital displays like speedometers and GPS devices. They can also create rainbow-like effects on tempered vehicle windows. Make sure to check the return policy on potential driving sunglasses before taking them on a long road trip.

Q: What else can polarized sunglasses do?

Polarized sunglasses are very popular for fishing – in fact, they remove almost all the glare from the top of the water, allowing fishers to see the fish swimming below the surface. Anybody who spends a lot of time on or near the water can appreciate this effect. You can also use polarized sunglasses as a DIY photography filter to create a cool, bright vintage effect. These fun uses are just a few ways to get even more use out of your polarized lenses.

Q: Are polarized sunglasses more effective at certain times of the day?

Polarized sunglasses are appropriate for most everyday eye protection needs. Polarization filters work better when the sun is at a higher angle in the sky and have less of an effect during the early mornings and late evenings. They can still block some of the light reflected off shiny road surfaces or the hood of your vehicle, but they won't reduce overall intensity as well as they do at high noon.

Modern sunglasses are fascinating, but polarization filters have to be one of the coolest features available. Are you ready to upgrade your eyewear to reduce visual strain, improve comfort, and maximize clarity? Ask your optometrist about finding the right pair of polarized shades for your needs.


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